Essay: The labor market systems in Germany

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Essay: The labor market systems in Germany

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In Germany, the labor market systems run on the basis of collective bargaining, co-determination, and initial vocational training. Even the German system has its roots in the US system. Chinese are known for their easy integration and hence, the German’s could learn form such a practice and gain rather than sticking rigidly to their own institutional arrangement Germany is well-renowned for this arrangement and by adapting itself to the more flexible system of China.

The German system also suffers form interdisciplinary lack of communication. Since the Chinese system had adapted itself to the Western ideals, it lays stress on communication and remaining connected to the workforce.

By integrating this business ideal, the joint venture could result in a possible advantage for both sides. However, both parties would have to take into notice the fact that if such a venture did come onto play, the German cultural, social and political environment would affect it to a great extent which could result in unequal footing for such a venture.

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