Essay: To kill a mockingbird

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Essay: To kill a mockingbird

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‘To kill a mockingbird’ is a masterpiece of literary fiction by Harper Lee; the plot is centred on a trial of a black man Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a white woman. The fact that rape is a serious criminal offence and usually the trial is in favour of the woman; however, the fact that Tom was black further weakened his case against her. The entire story is from the perspective of young children that Jem and Scout Finch. Their father is the only person in the entire who stands up to present and defend Tom. The story depicts the social hierarchy that exists in the Maycomb society.  (Bloom. 2010:35)

The disparity between the races was rampant throughout all the southern states in America at that time and very few people believed in the concept of equality. But racial differences were treated as a taboo back then and Lee was the first writer to explore this side of the society. Over the years, many poets, writers and songwriters have also hit upon this subject. The prime focus of this prose is to explore and analyze various literary works that essentially carry the same message and those are ‘I, too sing America’ by Langston Hughes and the song ‘Strange Fruit’ which is performed by Billie Holiday. (Bloom 2010, p. 35)

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