Sample Essay

The rules and regulations would also pertain to the level of absenteeism etc that could take place in order to create a certain order and discipline regarding the rules and regulations. The rules and regulations would be implemented after having various meetings in which the reason and rationale for these would be discussed with regard to recessionary pattern of sales revenue, high level of diseased workers etc. After having make sure that the workers had understood; these rules and regulations would be sent as memos to all the supervisors who would inform the workers of their implementation.

As a result of this policy, such patients would get access to funding who would be able to make more effective use of it hence allowing the company to create a good name for itself amongst the workers. And by having proper communication in which the workers would be told why funding could not be carried out in all cases, the company would-be able to avoid any protests or strikes.

Proper communication would entail having various meetings and discussions in which the management would take the workers into confidence and assure of the reasons go for this new policy implementation. The workers would not be make to feel like they have been abandoned by the management but in fact are still being taken care of. It would be the management’s responsibility to ensure that the works remain secure and motivated enough so that the worker productivity does not suffer in any way.

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