Essay: John Dunbar’s Sufferings in Dance with Wolves

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Essay: John Dunbar’s Sufferings in Dance with Wolves

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Hence, this trip in a lot of ways becomes a source of balm and cure for a person as troubled by his entire life and past as Victor has been for so long. He realizes the truth about the reason for his father’s brooding disposition towards not only his life but also towards the people around him; including his own son.

Victor feels personal suffering for his lack of self-awareness but John Dunbar’s suffering can be mirrored by the suffering of many thousands of Native Americans who were caught in the same situation in real. These people were unable to live in the present with their mannerisms of the cultural values which whey could not leave for the mere sake of adopting a newer form of life.

Victor understands finally the reasons for the alcoholic and abusive disposition that his father had for so long and this realization allows the peace that he has been denied for so long. (Conner 2003)

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