Essay: What is Jihad

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Essay: What is Jihad

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Another example is of Indonesia where the Islam was spread though conversion by the Arab traders. There was no bloodshed at all, that means Muslim never believed in brutality and killings of the innocents. (Ernst, 2003) When Muslims conquered India they lived with harmony with all the other faiths, particularly the Hindus. If they wanted they could have killed all the non believers or they would have forced everyone to follow Islam. But that was not the case at all.

According to Islamic teachings to fight against our own evil desires is the biggest form of jihad. Military action is used as the last resort to fight or stand against the evil forces. Today due to this misconception, Muslims face very severe consequences in the western societies, there is a desperate need to make people aware about the actual meaning of the term jihad. (Ernst, 2003)

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