Essay: The Japanese and the Chinese systems

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Essay: The Japanese and the Chinese systems

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The above arguments have shown major differences existing within the Japanese and the Chinese systems. These basic underlying differences have come about due to cultural differences which came about due to historical differences and the existed of different social system which resulted in different mindsets. The working culture differences could result in cultural clashes resulting in major managerial turbulence. This paper had to provide an overview of the reason for the differences between the cultures which create an unfavorable environment for the managers to operate in.

Difference in the communication lines, methodology, skill training etc all are important elements of a workforce and if these basic constituents are highly different then that can create huge issues for the manager.

The recommendations that would be provided relating to these issues and their management would be provide proper training to the workers from the other regions in order to prepare them working culture. Besides training workshops and period, the workers need to be given introductory classes and warned about the differences so that if they are willing to take up the task than they would be held responsible for the cultural clashes as they were warned about the differences before the initiation.

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