Essay: Issue of Lack of Performance

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Essay: Issue of Lack of Performance

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The issue of lack of performance related scheme is a fundamental flaw in the present human resource management scheme as it has provided no sense of motivation for the sales representatives to seek higher sales targets. According to Storey, extrinsic awards are a key device behind the motivation of the physiological needs. (Storey 2007)

These awards comprise of monetary benefits which allow the workers basic needs to be fulfilled.   However, in certain cases these monetary awards go beyond the fulfilment of the basic needs. These awards are those which are linked to the performance of the workers and provide monetary benefits. These payment schemes can be based on individual or group performances but in the case of this particular case study it was individual based performance schemes. The performance related scheme would be output based as it would be in the form of bonuses, commission etc which would be paid after the sales agents would meet the required targets.

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