Sample Essay

This paper examined several authors and writers’ papers regarding the issue of black males dropping out of high school. One of the author’s work which was investigated for this purpose was that of Barnett(2001) which provided an important reason for the black males dropping out of high school –the poor health that these African Americans suffer due to a number of reasons which in relation results in their low level of turnout at high school.

This category suffers more from hypertension and stroke more than any other ethnic group within this age bracket.  In 2001 alone, sixty five percent of the black males were diagnosed with HIV cases showing to the extent that this race suffers from health related problems.

However, what did not come across was the effect that this could have had on the productivity and output of the black males and especially on the effect on the youth. If this aspect could have been handled better it would resulted in a more comprehensive outlook and perspective.

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