Essay: The Israel-Palestinian conflict

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Essay: The Israel-Palestinian conflict

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The world is increasingly becoming caught in a situation of fear and security. The regions have been divided within nations as containing rogue elements which threaten the sovereignty of the states and the security situation for the international world.

An organization founded in 1987 caught the attention of the entire world as a result of the religious connotations attached to it along with threatening the peace and safety of millions.

The Middle East is a region which has always held prime importance for the world due to its richness in the natural resource; oil therefore, its politics have had a lasting impact on the  entire world.

The Israel-Palestinian conflict continues to be unsolved and the peacemaking attempts are threatened by dire military attempts to not allow it to happen. The recent fighting within the Gaza area provides credence to this argument. Hamas, an organization founded on the basis of Muslim brotherhood has been the cause of immense concern for the political organizations of both Israel and Palestine. (Hider, 2007)

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