Essay: Should you invest in the Long tail

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Essay: Should you invest in the Long tail

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The article” Should you invest in the Long tail” by Anita Elberse focuses on the long tail theory and its effectiveness for the companies operating at large. The long tail theory of Chris Anderson focuses on tow pertinent ideas; merchandise assortments growing as a result of lack of display on shelves and secondly, online channels actually result in a change in the shape of the demand curve due to niche products being of greater interest.

The author in order to verify the effectiveness of the above investigated sales patterns of the music and home-videos industries. Two markets that that Anderson had used to exemplify his theory. The consumer would have to analyze that demand theory which would fit in within his principles rather than relying on the basic online channels perspective. The high level of concentration depicted by the graphs in the article sow how the demand shifted making the author question the length of the tail.

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