Sample Essay

An important element of fighting this war has been the case of ethics, as pointed out by Martin Cook, which was not taken into account as the war in Iraq was fought on the context of it containing biological weapons which however, have yet to be found. There was fierce opposition from the world’s community and yet, the US persisted and hence, had to bear the scorn of the international community.

These elements have to be taken into account when justifying a war cause as otherwise the war is merely a mean of proving the military and superpower strength that one nation has over the other.

It cannot and will not be over looked the fact that the US was a victim of the said terrorist activities but what can also not be overlooked is the Integral issue that the international world is bound by the same treaties and same peace-making bodies as is the US.

Therefore, it is equally imperative that the policy makers realize that and before, taking any military action sought the approval and consent of the international community otherwise warfare would be the solution to all problems and the political systems would be a mere façade.

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