Essay: Inequalities in a Society

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Essay: Inequalities in a Society

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The society is presented as a state of macabre where the people have been used for their own benefits and purposes and continue to be used in this manner. Man has been pitted against man and history has several instances of wars having been fought on a number of reasons. These very divisions have threatened the structure of society and hence, the inequalities.

Women have continued to assert their rights but what this article places into question is the progress that has been made by them. Has this gender been able to achieve some level of equanimity or has the façade been just that-a mere façade?

The reader is made to sit up and question these norms which bound us all to the present state of confusion and division that still exists and the various quotes and examples are portrayed to highlight the stark differences that these divisions have created. These instances are provided to certify the reason of existence of feminists in the world of today.

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