Essay: Important Components of Power

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Essay: Important Components of Power

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This paper would review two important components of power defined as visible and invisible power.  Visible power as the words themselves explain is seen as the first face of power and is the vocal part of power itself. It can be evidenced through the participatory behavior in the decision making process and as a result, the decision making can be influenced as well. Having a pluralist sense of power, one is able to observe the effect and activities pertaining to this power as well.

The other form of power which this paper would be looking at would be the invisible form of power. It can be defined as that power which allows the decision making bodies to shape the requirement and wants of the people according to their actions and decisions. One is able to observe this sense of power in the social, cultural, ideological values and norms as through our practices we are able to at out this sense of power. While visible power can be observed, that is not the case with this form of power as one s not always able to observe this sense of power.

The sources of power are money, intelligence, hard work, information and lastly the position that a person has. The strength of these sources determines the strength f the power itself.

The basic two components of power itself; motivation and resources-decide the level of power than an individual has. Those people who take a more hands-on approach and are seen as more active decision makers are usually described as visible power seekers while those who sit on the sidelines merely observing and guiding the processes are defined as invisible power seekers.

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