Sample Essay

The above article presented a view about the importance that vigilant leaders play in the success/ failure of companies especially in times of economic downturn. The e article presented arguments for why these leaders were essential and as to how this vigilant culture could be created and maintained.

Vigilant leaders were defined as those who had the ability to look at the larger picture and look for threats and opportunities allowing the company a fighting chance in difficult times. Three essential elements were presented that allow such a culture to be fostered which opens doors for discovery, innovation and high alertness on the behalf of the management. Discovery has already been explained above but external focus and strategic foresight have to be looked at. These two perspectives allowed the writer to present essentials regarding the fostering of a vigilant culture and the importance of it being maintained through teamwork of the  management.

Hence, a coherent piece which allows the reader to understand a vital part of the success route for any corporation of today.

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