Essay: Identification of human trafficking

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Essay: Identification of human trafficking

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The 2008 Reauthorization legislation provided significant funding for an expanded public education campaign regarding the presence of human trafficking, in the hopes that enhanced awareness will lead to increased identification of human trafficking and subsequent reporting of trafficking activities to authorities (BJA). Public media campaigns are being conducted in English and Spanish, as well as Chinese, to reach ethnic populations most closely associated with human trafficking populations.

BJA coordinates law enforcement training and funding in the United States. DHS assists BJA in conducting international investigations either unilaterally or in connection with international or sovereign criminal justice organizations. DHS also provides valuable resources for tracking financial transactions and international communications.

The BJA officially recognizes that NGOs are as critical to the eradication of trafficking as law enforcement agencies (U.S. Department Of Justice 27).  NGOs are critical because they are the only group to have direct contact with possible victims, they have credibility with victims, they can provide assistance and shelter for exploited victims, and they are familiar with cultural norms for the nationals being exploited. NGO’s are often the starting point for investigations. The inclusion of NGOs into enforcement paradigms has allowed law enforcement to understand the depth and the complexity of human trafficking beyond the concept of sex slaves to include domestic workers, agricultural and textile sectors, and human organ transplant syndicates (Bruckert & Parent 5).

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