Essay: Homosexuality as social identity

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Essay: Homosexuality as social identity

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Homosexuality is also a social identity which is considered to be falling out of the socially accepted norms and social values. .(Satinover, 1996).

According to the concept of functionalism, society is an entity which has to be studied scientifically, and without bias in order to have an effect. Society is considered to be a predictable mechanism as one can identify which way it would operate.

An important part and parcel of any society is religion and thus, a common religious base decides the homogenous values which play a role in establishing the criminal activities and acts on a universal level. A huge part of religious morals and values is attached to the moral order of any society and hence, laws are also to a large extent influenced by these values.

Since the dominant religion in US is Christianity, hence it plays a dominant role in establishing the social order and system. In the recent times, this has been downplayed to a great extent as it was identified that religious reasons were not only the way of establishing the societal functions of al l the individuals.(Satinover, 1996).

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