Sample Essay

The term spherical is entirely metaphorical and it is often contemplated that by tern ‘spherical’ Xenophanes is actually referring to the homogeneity of God and the fact that God is not subjected to any kind of change and remains homogenous no matter what happens. Hippolytus surmised that by spherical, Xenophanes was referring to the uniqueness of God and how he cannot be compared to him in any way. He subsequently elaborated upon Xenophanes’ beliefs in the following quote:

“The substance of God is spherical, in no way resembling man. He [Xenophanes] says that the God is eternal and one and similar in all directions and spherical and sentient.”(Hippolytus)

However, it was further argued that if Xenophanes is arguing about god being spherical then in other words he is finite, because there are certain boundaries that are required for a sphere to be a sphere. Therefore, certain limitations apply to the god as proposed by Xenophanes’ philosophy and at times his philosophy has been thought to refer to the cosmos as it is spherical. The term ‘spherical’ has been deemed incredibly puzzling partially because his poems are not fully preserved, therefore the proper interpretations and conclusions cannot be drawn due to this fact. (Xenophanes & Lesher, 2001)

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