Essay: The holy grail of entrepreneurship

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Essay: The holy grail of entrepreneurship

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The holy grail of entrepreneurship encompasses many different traits such as ingenuity and creativity, as mentioned earlier. Other traits include openness and flexibility when it comes to new and different opportunities. Entrepreneurs can get head start in this facet of corporate development and growth by ample amount of knowledge through market research and keeping a check on all the changes in consumer tastes and purchasing trends. The beauty of this work is when entrepreneurs use scant resources in order to achieve their targets as it ensures that wastage is reduced as significantly as possible. (Nicholls, 2006, pp 27-30)

Creativity in business ventures can help corporate professionals achieve growth and success over their competitors. They need to exhibit these traits especially in their researching styles as when an individual keeps his or her business up-to-date with all the latest information and changes in the behaviour of consumers; they can introduce the prior changes in the product and make sure that their sales are not hampered by the constantly changing consumer tastes and preferences. (Audretsch, 2006, pp 371-372)

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