Sample Essay

As part of an education program, the company carried out a survey in order to implement the changes in their reviewed policies. The survey showed that the medical expense had skyrocketed as a result of the rising disease toll. As the African currency appreciated, the price of gold fell by a great deal affecting the profits of African Gold extensively.

Hence, in these times the medical expenditure rising was a huge concern for a mining company especially whose workers are even more susceptible to diseases.

The loss of productivity due to absenteeism, recruitment costs and training in itself were quite cumbersome for a company which was still in the process of establishing itself as a formidable opponent in the eyes of its opponents.

The statistics further added proof to the above arguments as the number of HIV/AIDS affected cases went up from 4.6 percent to 8.7 percent in a span of a few years. Almost on average 1.700 cases were reported for HIV infection highlighting the traumatic state of this region. Thus, the company’s decision to stop all payment of transport, coffin, and funeral costs for such workers who die as a result of the mining work came into practice.

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