Essay: HIV Infected Workers

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Essay: HIV Infected Workers

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A number of possible solutions can be offered in this case in order to solve this crisis which is getting worse with time. The organization is a mining company and for such an organization, massive layoffs can have disastrous results on the company’s output and on the morale of the remaining workers who can remain doubtful about their permanency.

One of the possible solutions can be that the company compensates only such workers who are not suffering from such diseases which cannot be cured and not in such cases in which the expenditure amounts beyond a certain amount. By doing so, the company would be able to reduce its medical bills by a great deal and at the same time will make the employees feel that they are being cared for.

The above policy offers a way to placate the present workers and to make sure that there is no time left for complaints.

The second possible policy that can be offered can be that the company can carry out tests every week in order to test for HIV infected workers so that these workers can be separated from the non-infected ones. This would be done after proper screening tests and that would allow the company to differentiate between the workers. For example, if one of the workers has been tested positive, then that worker would be laid off so that he does not infect the others.

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