Essay: Historical Records of Sodomy Laws

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Essay: Historical Records of Sodomy Laws

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According to the historical records, it has been seen that the customs regarding the sexual nature are more concerned about the male attitudes rather than the female and hence, there are a number of social attitudes which pertain to homosexuality. In fact, in certain indigenous societies, the homosexual relationships have been honored even.

The homosexual relationships have been defined by the life state, gender, status, kinship etc. According to the historic developments of the norms and standards practices, heterosexuality was considered an appropriate and acceptable partnership.

There is no unitary social attitude or thought regarding homosexuality as all societies perceive this in different ways. Thus, the concept of a totalitarian attitude regarding the disapproval factor is not true to a great extent and the intrinsic connection between crime and homosexuality is also a point which is not defined.

Therefore, relationships which are based on the notion of homosexuality whether they are socially disapproved or considered to be of criminal nature would be regardless of the gender of the people. (Bracey, 2006)

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