Sample Essay

The fashion brand whose website that I would be analyzing for the purpose of this paper would be that of the internationally renowned brand; “Guess”. Having stores in more than fifty nine countries, this brand is one of the oldest fashion brands to have existed. The website of this brand opens with links to various regional centers where this brand franchise can be found. The background of a woman posing adds a sense of fragility and sensuality from the first link of the website.

The viewer is made to feel like the world that will open further will be based on a touch of elegance, opulence and female fragility. The colors of the website are black and white further adding subtlety into the design as the brand is based on a theme of elegant sensuality. The woman’s pose and her clothing clearly seem to hint those yet there is a refinement in the sensual element a well. The white dress of the woman is clearly designed to show so.

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