Essay: Geographic Location of Easy Jet

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Essay: Geographic Location of Easy Jet

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Another such a structure is defined as a geographical one in which the company focuses on the geographic location of the company. The Geographical units are those which can be responsible for the functional and divisional operational units which are located in a particular region. In the case of Easy Jet, the geographical structure would seem to be the optimal solution due to the fact that Easy Jet has operations in China and Europe.

The functional and operational units of China would be managed by the European management staff but one integral factor that has to be understood is that the main operational decision making would be in the hands of the management located in China itself. Otherwise, the Chinese workforce would feel too disconnected from the main management and hence, demonization would set in.

While China’s airport infrastructure is good yet the fact remains that there are a number of issues relating to the liberalization of the aviation sector. Through the provision of greater competition will that improve the local industry, yet what needs to be kept in mind is the fact that the international carriers such as Easy Jet are able to deal with the local challenges.

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