Sample Essay

The increase in the revenues is mainly due to the latest developments in drugs therapy that brings a reduction in the load of polypharmacy in individuals that are currently on the pharmacotherapy of the disease. A dynamic change in the market of Parkinson’s disease is expected mainly due to the leading therapeutics owned by the names like, GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK’s), UCB-Schwarz’s Neupro, Lundbeck’s Azilect and Teva etc. (Chrischilles, 2007)

This has also been observed that a huge portfolio for Parkinson’s disease is upheld by relatively less familiar pharmaceutical companies. Various studies revealed that the most functional therapies for the Parkinson’s disease have designed by companies like Acadia, Merck Serono and Avicena.

Medication is an important instrument:

Medication is one of the most important instruments for the health care and psychological field in the United States used to help treat people with any sort of health problem or psychological abnormalities. (Dragunow, 2008)

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