Sample Essay

The poem of Frost centers around the decision process of each individual which is an essential part and parcel of everyday life but the momentous decision that is being faced by Keats is one of the death itself and his self-reflection is somehow mirrored by the self-reflection of Frost as ell. Both are looking back on life and realizing that the choices they have made would affect them for as long as they both live.

Frost’s poem and the story by Kate Chopin also represent certain vital elements if compared would heighten the effect of each. The story represents the feeling of liberation that the central character feels on being released from the bondage of marriage.

The poet in the “Road not taken” is left with a feeling of regret since he does not have the option of going back and rediscovering what the other option held for him. The poet realizes that even though he made a certain choice, the fact that he cannot change will make this the biggest decision of his life.

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