Essay: The First Expedition of La Salle

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Essay: The First Expedition of La Salle

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It was the summer of 1669 when La Salle led an expedition.  La Salle and his crew reached the Ohio River and then moved to Kentucky. The river falls stopped him to continue his voyage. (Snider & Sherwood, 2005) During their expedition they met a group of Indians known as Senaca Indians. They were stopped by this Indian group to further continue their expedition into their territory.

According to some sources he was traveling with twelve crew members in 5 different canoes. La Salle also traveled with Pere Francois as far as Ontario. (Snider & Sherwood, 2005) When La Salle and his men reached at Ontario there they met Juliet brothers. They advised La Salle to go to Sault Ste. Marie, in order to establish a mission over there. But unfortunately La Salle and his men failed. Later La Salle participated in the expedition to upper Mississippi River with Pere Francois Dollier de Casson and Louis Juliet.  This was a successful mission and the team also explored the area where Mississippi River meets with Ohio River. (Snider & Sherwood, 2005) Later La Salle constructed Prudhomme Fort in the region.  Here La Salle engraved a cross in the land, claiming Mississippi River basin for the French. When La Salle returned he built another fort in the region of Illinois, which is known as Fort Saint Louis. The purpose of building this fort was to replace Fort Crevecoeur. La Salle appointed Hendri de Tonty as the commander and traveled to France in order to get supplies. (Snider & Sherwood, 2005)

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