Sample Essay

In the summer of 1682, La Salle reestablished his team. He sailed down to Mississippi River with eighteen Indian members. La Salle gave Mississippi River basin its name “La Louisiane”. This name was given in honor of King Louis XIV who was also known as the Sun King. La Salle claimed this entire basin for France. (Parkman, 2004) Today this region is known as Memphis which is a city of the state of Tennessee.

Later La Salle constructed Prudhomme Fort in the region. (Parkman, 2004) Here La Salle engraved a cross in the land, claiming Mississippi River basin for the French. When La Salle returned he built another fort in the region of Illinois, which is known as Fort Saint Louis. The purpose of building this fort was to replace Fort Crevecoeur. (Parkman, 2004) La Salle appointed Hendri de Tonty as the commander and traveled to France in order to get supplies. In the year 1684 he returned to America. He wanted to establish a large French empire on the continent of America. The resources they had included three hundred colonists and five ships. But they faced a lot of difficulties when there expedition was attacked by pirates. (Parkman, 2004) They also faced the problem of having poor navigation skills and system. Indian groups were also hostile towards them. One of their ships sank in the Matagorda Bay, anther ship was attacked by the pirates and it was destroyed while the third ship was lost due to poor navigation system.

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