Essay: When I have fears that I may cease to be

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Essay: When I have fears that I may cease to be

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The central character of the story is no longer bound by the chains which have caught Keats in their midst. Louise’s feelings of love are completely opposite to those experienced by Louise who does not feel that this emotion holds much significance for her while Keats world revolves around it to the extent that as he feels his time ending –he feels the importance rise even more. For Louise however, it did not constrain her world and in fact the end of it has completely liberated her.

The other poem which would be contrasted would be that of Robert Frost’ the Road not taken” –a poem which discusses the archetypal dilemma. It is the dilemma of life itself as all of us have to make a choice at some point in time. Such a choice which provides us with two options and then one is not provided with the opportunity to rethink the options. The paths may seem different but in reality the fact is that they amount to the same thing. The route that is taken by one is taken on the basis of accretion and choice.

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