Essay: Family Therapy or Family Counseling

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Essay: Family Therapy or Family Counseling

Family therapy is also known as family counseling. This is a branch in the field of psychotherapy which is used by therapists to nurture the relationships between members of a family or couples. The therapy sessions usually entail a view into how the different family members or couples interact with each other. In doing so, any issue that may arise as a result of lack of communication or agreements between the persons involved is highlighted.

Family therapy entails getting these members of the family to gain trust in one another by airing out their different woes and getting solutions to these problems. There are different approaches which therapists take when handling the case of family therapy. However, despite the mode of approach used, the different schools of family therapy all share a common belief. Regardless of how the issue at hand being tackled at the therapy sessions came to be, or how the clients involved look at it as being either an individual or a family issue, solutions to the problem have got to be established for the benefit of the families or clients.


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