Essay: Faith in Jesus

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Essay: Faith in Jesus

In John 4:46-54, while in Cana, Galilee, a nobleman approached Jesus and informed Him of his dying son in Capernaum. After the nobleman had faith in Jesus and requested Him to heal His son. To show the miraculous power of Jesus, He did not go to see the boy but only spoke words of healing and through the man’s faith, the boy was healed.

When the man arrived at his home, he found his boy healed and after inquiring on the time of healing, he was informed that the boy was healed at the time Jesus spoke His healing words. This miracle showed that God’s power cannot be limited by space[1]. He is so powerful that He can perform miracles regardless of the distance involved. Through this miracle, Jesus proved that He is who He is and thus trustworthy to heal the sick. He also showed that He is should be believed as the man had to believe and trust in Him to heal his son whom He had never met and seen.

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