Sample Essay

The strategy of having shared designs resulted in Boeing reaching break even points much earlier than previously and becoming much more efficient. The expertise of Boeing in technological leadership, customer support, and sophisticated manufacturing systems all allowed Boeing to effectively manage their projects. The commitment of the workforce and the importance of time were allowed Boeing to achieve this success.

A project called Project Homework allowed Boeing a reasonable understanding of the various costs involved in the manufacturing of a plane. Boeing carried this project further by carrying out a project assessment in order to figure out the requirements of the new plane; 747.

The initial forecasting scheme meant assessing the market which in itself was a formidable task. It meant the generation of econometric models, in predict optimistic, conservative and expected scenarios in order to cover all aspects of the future. All the forecast were based on the assumption that there would be continued regulation of the industry, continued preference for airlines that linked major cities directly, rising fuel prices, and no new competition in the medium range market.

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