Essay: Experiential family therapy

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Essay: Experiential family therapy

This type of therapy emerged from the humanistic existentialist movement that took place in the 1960’s. It was drawn from the gestalt therapy, psychodrama, client-centered and the encounter-group movement (Goldernberg, 1991). According to the developers of this mode of therapy, the root cause of problems in a family is usually the emotional suppression the denials of the impulses that come with this suppression.

The individuals in these families try to fulfill their emotional suppression first, and the issue of bridging the family is thus normally given a second priority. Unlike the multi-generational theory which has got eight concepts, this therapy has only got five concepts. These key concepts are;

The emphasis on freedom,
The emotional experiences,
The here-and –how,
The honest emotion and,
The individual before family (Golderberg, 1991)


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