Essay: Every Nine Seconds in America a Student Becomes a Dropout

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Essay: Every Nine Seconds in America a Student Becomes a Dropout

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American Youth Policy Forum. “Every Nine Seconds in America a Student Becomes a Dropout”. Whatever It Takes: How Twelve Communities Are Reconnecting Out-of-School Youth.

This study is a statistical detail about dropout rates in American school. It indicates that generally one third of adolescents don’t graduate from high school, but for African Americans the rate is much higher. This report also shows the negative consequences of dropout, indicating that dropouts usually get imprisoned, they are unemployed or are not earning as much as they should. In addition they are also a burden on the government as they cost more than those who are not dropouts.

Melville, K.  “The Scool Dropout Crisis. Pew Partnership Program”. The University of Richmond Pew Partnership for Civic Change. 2006. Available at:

This is a report on the problem of dropouts. This report terms this phenomenon as a crisis which is being ignored. It highlights the costs that communities and the country has to bear, the costs are not just economic, rather they are psychosocial also. And the consequences for the future are serous, therefore there is a need to make policy decisions which may offer long-term solution to the problem. This report indicates that the dropout rates indicate racial and socio-economic standing of the young dropouts.

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