Essay: Employee Retention Strategies

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Essay: Employee Retention Strategies

Managers can take certain steps to retain employees and attract new ones and the strategies are as follows (Kaye, 2004):

Don’t be a Jerk: As the saying goes that “People join a company but leave a manager.” This means that the manager was the reason to why the employee left. If all sorts of motivational techniques are used and provided to the employee but if the employee has a bad relationship with the immediate manager then the employee would prefer to leave the organization. The manager is to whom the employee is answerable to and if the relationship with the manager is bad then the employee will be adversely affected and will eventually leave the organization.

 The manager should be a proper guide and a leader who can inspire in his employees to work efficiently and not instigate negative feelings in them. So managers need to be understanding and empathetic with their employees (Munzell,2004).
Avoid the Peter Principle: Often managers start their venture from the bottom of the hierarchy and they get promoted due to commendable performance and technical skills. But it is important to provide opportunities to these skilled and talented people in the organization. They need to be provided with good training and development and also that providing dual career tracks can help employees.
Set Clear Expectations: It is important to be clear about what is expected of employees at work because when people understand what is expected of them they can put in their best efforts.


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