Essay: Duty of Parents to Monitor their Children

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Essay: Duty of Parents to Monitor their Children

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There might be individual who might already suffer from disturbed mental states and yet instead of taking an easier way and just blaming video games as the cause, the root cause must be established behind these actions.

In today’s world, the violence is rising due to an increasingly turbulent environment. Children have to grow up in societies in which their parents fighting, street gang culture amongst some of unfavorable environmental elements. Hence, instead of merely playing the “blame” game, policymakers need to sit-up and take serious notice of these social evils.

One of the fundamental “concerned” parties are the parents who instead of doing their parental duty and monitoring to what sorts of things their children have access to or even doing, they instead take the easier path and blame computer games. Instead of realizing, that their responsibility as parents is to monitor their children in order to make sure that their children do no grow up to be violent perpetrators, they are focused on their careers etc.

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