Essay: Disloyal and Dishonest Leaders

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Essay: Disloyal and Dishonest Leaders

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Integrity; a seemingly innocent word can have momentous meanings for an entire nation. If the leader does not possess this, then the entire faces a gradual downfall. This can be seen by the cases of the third world nations which have suffered immensely at the hands of their leaders who have used every corrupt practice existing today to achieve personal aims and have forsaken the development and progress of their nations for these same aims.

These nations have been tormented and tortured, their economic growth has been shunted and been in decline over time and the generations have suffered the burdens of the previous ones, it has been a vicious cycle which has been increasing at a rate which has ensured the downfall of these nations-much of the fault can be placed at the feet of these disloyal and dishonest leaders.

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