Essay: Discriminatory attitude of school systems

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Essay: Discriminatory attitude of school systems

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These trends were outlined to show the differences but what was not pointed out was the fact that an entire race was at risk of being denied an opportunity to learn and if the present trend as outlined by these figures was to be believed, than that mean that black males social, economic and educational outcomes were quite devastating.

The literature might have provided the reader with the necessary facts and figures but the gaps in the relationship between the data and their subsequent effects were quite wide. What was also quite effectively ignored by the above literature was the fact that if the black students were not performing at par levels than they could be not such a major concern. However, the truth of the matter is and what was never pointed and highlighted by any of the above papers was the good performance by the black males.

Despite the discriminatory attitude of school systems where the back males are punished more often, and are explained more easily-they continue to perform well. An important area needing focus and attention of all the above writers but clearly has not been given the due attention.

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