Essay: Disadvantage of e-learning

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Essay: Disadvantage of e-learning

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Certain hazards are associated with this technique as well one of which is initial cost to upgrade the system in order to be compatible with modern learning technologies.  This up gradation involves both human and technical factors and thus involves high cost. Another disadvantage of e-learning is that it is based more on virtual interaction and people do not get a chance to directly communicate with each other.

This leads to lack of interest in trainees. Another is E-learning sometimes lead management to focus more on information load than on “practice, feedback, and guidance.” (Welsh, Wanberg, Brown, & Simmering, 2003, p.249). Moreover e-learning mostly requires instructor to put more efforts in preparing the material to be presented as it may involve use of highly sophisticated tools and techniques and sometimes it may lead to serious frustration in people who are not good at using computer and technology  (Zhang, Zhao, Zhou, & Nunamaker, 2004)

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