Essay: Data Collection method

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Essay: Data Collection method

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Data is collected from available secondary sources and the methodology results of study conducted at GSK by Carleysmith, Dufton, & Altria (2009) are applied on Bio-Rad.

Conceptual framework and Methodology

The first step in employing lean sigma methodology at Bio-Rad is the creation of an organizational environment that can easily adapt the Lean Sigma methodology in the workplace. For this purpose, effective communication of the need to establish such system would be done through committed managers. The next step would be the selection of employees from the organization who would be given training to make them proficient enough in Lean Sigma methodology. These employees will then get professional black-belt or green belt Six-Sigma training. Ideally six employees will be chosen for the purpose (Carleysmith, Dufton, & Altria, 2009).

Organizations that are achievement oriented perform sufficiently better than those who do not. For this purpose, three targets can be defined in advance; 1) improving process and reducing maximum waste through efficient harmonization of activities, 2) increasing the level of production by targeting on providing value added services, 3) increasing the speed of shifting the organization towards learning and adaptation.

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