Essay: Dance with Wolves and Smoke Signals

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Essay: Dance with Wolves and Smoke Signals

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While John Dunbar has to do so against all the values that e has stood for and has fought for so long, Victor has to fight against the years of resentment pent up in him and  bitter love that he has for a man who been nothing but an abusive alcoholic.

A man who has never shown any sort of parental feelings and yet for this man, another lead character feels total reverence due to the heroic actions carried out. Thus, the way heroic actions have been portrayed in these two movies have left quite different impacts on the movie’s ending and the consequent relationships formed by the lead characters.

John Dunbar’s entire life changes as a result of his heroic action. He becomes ensnared by a native tribe’s way f life and d eventually loses his white man’s identity. For him, this gradual process of losing his white man’s identity and becoming ”Dances with Wolves”, is a part of accepting a new way of life.

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