Sample Essay

Although there is a great cultural and historical diversity within the Muslim community but most of the Muslims believe that the righteous will get paradise as their reward. (Mittal & Thursby, 2006) Where as the non believers will encounter hell as their punishment. This will happen on the Day of Judgment.

They believe that the divine spiritual leader “mahdi” will come and guide the whole Muslim community. This will happen as a result of poor moral conditions of the society. After this “Dajjal” will appear who will be a deceiver, whose job will be to make the believers go astray.  Muslims also believe that Jesus Christ will also return to the world to destroy “Dajjal”. In Holy Qur’an Allah warns all human beings that on the day of resurrection all of us have to face Allah, and we all will be accountable individually for our deeds. (Mittal & Thursby, 2006) The people who will have good deeds in abundance will enjoy the eternal life of the Paradise. But those whose bad deeds supercede their good ones will be put in the Hell. Muslims believe that Allah is the most merciful and he forgives humans despite of their repeated mistakes. Muslims for more than fourteen hundred years maintained the teachings of Holy Qur’an and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

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