Essay: Correlation between personality and intelligence

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Essay: Correlation between personality and intelligence

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This study was conducted by Ian J. Deary and Alexander Weiss from the University of and reviewed by Keri Chiodo in the journal of the Association for psychological sciences in February, 2011. Medical and Psychological researchers have stated that there is a huge and major correlation between the individual’s personality and intelligence, and his or her physiological well-being. (Weiss & Deary, 2011)

Though, medical reports and researches have not given sufficient amount of evidence to deal with the subject in absolute and determine the types of disease that the individual is susceptible to. However, the type of personality that the individual possesses is usually associated with the number of hospitalizations and usually, most of the time researchers have associated low intelligence greater number of accidents and the individual partaking in activities and behaviour that can be seriously detrimental. (Weiss & Deary, 2011)

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