Essay: The Constitutional Convention

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Essay: The Constitutional Convention

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Before the Constitution of United States of American was written many Americans were looking for ways to make Articles of Confederation more strong. In 1785, George Washington arranged a meeting with James Madison and others at Mount Vernon in order to resolve financial issues pertaining to Maryland and Virginia.

They also recommended formation of a group of distinct delegates from the different states to think of the ways to change the existing Articles. (Berkin, 2003) The result was that only five states sent their delegates to Annapolis. Later Alexander Hamilton called another meeting to gather another group of delegates in Philadelphia in the year 1787, where the reform was forwarded to Continental Congress. There were two general rules set to govern the proceedings of the convention. The first rule was that all the discussions will be kept top secret. (Berkin, 2003) The debates remained top secret until the publication of James Madison’s notes in 1845. The second rule was that every issue was considered as open and can be revisited for argument at any given time. The Convention summoned the delegates on May 20, 1787, at the Independence Hall which was known as the State House at that time. It took a little more time for the plan to be executed because of the late arrival of some of the delegates. Rode Island was the last state to represent itself at the Convention. George Washington being a fair and patient personality was chosen as the presiding officer. In total fifty five delegates attended the Convention.

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