Essay: Constitutional Convention and Ratification of the Constitution

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Essay: Constitutional Convention and Ratification of the Constitution

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The constitution of United States of America was first written in the year 1787, but it took effect in 1789 when the Constitution was ratified. After replacing Articles of Confederation it became the fundamental law of America. Delaware was the first state which ratified the Constitution and Rhode Island was the last of the thirteen original states to ratify it. At that time only nine states were required for the Constitution to take effect and in the period of almost two years it went completely into effect.

When the Constitution was offered for the first time to states, most of the Americans were either Pro-Federalists or Anti-Federalists. Some of the states like Virginia opposed the Constitution on grounds that it does not include the bill of rights. Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were the two of the Federalists who supported the Constitution, in fact, James Madison is also known as the “Father of Constitution”. On the other hand George Mason who was one of the biggest Anti-Federalists opposed the implementation of the Constitution. My paper will focus on Carol Berkin’s book written about the Constitution of United States of America “A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution” and will explain that how the aurthor’s description of the process, goals and results differs from Robert Middlekauff’s “The Glorious Cause”. The paper will also examine both the author’s treatments of the environment and conditions before James Madison and the Philadelphia Convention.

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