Essay: Computer games are competitive by nature

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Essay: Computer games are competitive by nature

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Computer games are competitive by nature and hence, in order to “better” the score, they are played again and again. Due to this repetitive pattern, the children could become attuned to the idea of these violent acts and in fact, the programming might result in their “psychological” programming.

In fact, simulated computer games are even used for the training purposes of the police force, military, airlines etc. They result in the developing of the mind to think strategically, logically and hence there is clearly a link between video games and mind training. In fact, this same mind training capacity of these simulated games etc are used by teacher etc to aid in the learning process. However these computer games are clearly not teaching the children anything beyond violence etc. The children are left in unsupervised environments to engage in behaviors that has no place in the norms of society.

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