Essay: The way complex decisions can be broken down

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Essay: The way complex decisions can be broken down

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The Nobel prize-winning work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky led to the analysis of why the decision making was bound the “ethical trap”. Especially in those circumstances in which the person has to make choices and might eventually regret the choice made. The framework presented in this paper seeks to examine and explain the way complex decisions can be broken down in order to understand the actual ramifications.

A case scenario is analyzed of a division Manger; Joel Taylor, who despite being a good person otherwise made a decision without actually considering the ethical implications and was subsequently sentenced to jail. In this case, it was assumed that Joel that he only had to choices; to either the implement the decision or not to. IF he chooses to implement the decision, he could receive positive feedback and if he chooses not to then could face the brunt of negative treatment meted out by the boss. Hence, only short term impact has been considered –simpler confirmatory view. As opposed to the extend view considers the longer impact of decisions. Decision mapping required as outlined in the article; in which case Joel could have mapped out the positive and negative outcomes by analyzing the trade –off in detail which would allowed  Joel to make the ethically wise choice.

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