Essay: The colonization of Congo

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Essay: The colonization of Congo

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The aforementioned quote discusses the role of a supposed “association”, established by the Leopold’s regime in order to gather public support as it stood against slavery and Arab slave traders. However, the function of this was purely to gain popularity amongst the people and it was ironic that the so-called association that was combating slave-trading agencies in the region ended up using slavery for their personal advantage.

The thematic pattern followed by Adam Hochschild relation of the events discusses the predominant factor concerning racial differences. The Belgian ruling faction and the population of Congo had significant amount of difference between them not only of race and color but culture and traditions were different. The colonization of Congo turned out to be extremely lucrative for Belgium and there was a major boom all over Europe for rubber and ivory. (Nzongola-Ntalaja, 2002, 26-61)

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