Essay: Cocaine/crack addiction is a detrimental habit

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Essay: Cocaine/crack addiction is a detrimental habit

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The body becomes tolerant to the drug and as a result the euphoric sensation is only re-induced if heavy doses of the narcotic are taken. This cycle continues and eventually the individual dies of a drug overdose, which is exactly what happened to those unfortunate students earlier. (Platt,  2000, P.p 150-152)

Therefore, in order to avoid this unfortunate event from reoccurring, it is better to inform the youth that cocaine/crack addiction is a detrimental habit and there is nothing glorious about. Getting high on crack can get social acceptability that everyone craves for at one point or another and also the euphoric sensation associated with this narcotic may cause the individual to continue the usage.

Therefore, there are numerous short-term benefits associated with this; however the prime focus of this prose is to increase the knowledge of the youth. Cocaine/crack may give short-term benefits but at a very heavy price and consequences that surface in the long-run. (Platt,  2000, P.p 150-152)

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