Essay: The Cherokee National Council

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Essay: The Cherokee National Council

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The principal chief, John Ross, tried to protect the Cherokee territory by political means. Ross joined Charles Hicks and Mayor Ridge in the “Cherokee Triumvirate” and received recognition for his efforts in negotiating the Treaty of 1819. He then continued his work by making legal moves for the Cherokees as president of the constitutional convention. In 1825 New Echota, the Cherokee capital was established near present-day Calhoun, Georgia.

The Cherokee National Council advised the United States that it would refuse future cession requests and enacted a law prohibiting the sale of national land upon penalty of death. In 1827 the Cherokees adopted a written constitution, an act that further antagonized removal proponents in Georgia. Basically, John Ross ensured that there was no legal method by which they were ousted.  New legislation in Georgia had given the authority to the government to expand their domain in to Cherokee territories tat further placed great pressures on Cherokee Indians to relocate. (Wheeler & Becker. 65).

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