Sample Essay

Othello is an interesting play and all its Characters have their own importance. It a beautiful piece of work by William Shakespeare.  The play of Othello begins on a street of Venice, Italy where Iago is engaged in an argument with Roderigo who was a rich man. Roderigo is complaining to Iago that he did not tell him about the secret marriage of Othello and Desdemona. Desdemona is daughter of Brabantio who was senator at that time.

Roderigo was paying Iago huge money in order to support him against Othello. (Adamson, 16)  After this scene Iago complains to the rich man that Othello is his commander and he has given him orders to promote Cassio who was a young handsome man to the rank of Lieutenant. Iago decides to take revenge from Cassio. Roderigo plans to send Iago to Desdemona’s patents about the secret marriage of their daughter with Othello. Desdemona’s father whose was against this marriage because Othello was a just a Moor. The confrontation continues between Othello and Brabantio, and finally the case is taken to the Duke. The Duke has already summoned Othello to move towards Cyprus to resist the Turkish invasion. After closely analyzing the case and hearing the argument, the duke came to know that Desdemona and Othello loves each other a lot and allowed Desdemona to travel to Cyprus with Othello. (Adamson, 23 – 25)

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